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July 23rd & 24th Fish Counts

Kenai River Reds: ~July 23rd: 27.864 daily, 3347,418 total ~July 24th: 48,366 daily, 382,784 total Kenai River Kings: ~July 23rd: 389 daily, 8,828 total ~July 24th: 985 daily, 9,813 total Kasilof River Reds: ~July 23rd: 5,982 daily, 190,126 total ~July 24th: 7,674 daily, 197,800 total

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July 19th & 20th Fish Counts

Kenai River Reds: ~July 19th: 24,624 daily, 235,086 total ~July 20th: 29,730 daily, 264,816 total Kenai River Kings: ~July 19th: 500 daily, 7,206 total ~July 20th: 350 daily, 7,556 total Kasilof River Reds: ~July 19th: 11,916 daily, 164,617 total ~July 20th:9,372 daily, 173,989 total Russian River Reds: ~July 19th: 960 daily, 3,394 total ~July 20th: [...]

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July 15th & 16th Fish Counts

Kenai River Kings: ~July 15th: 440 daily , 5,385 total ~July 16th: 615 daily, 5,385 total Kenai River Reds: ~July 15th: 9,186 daily, 139,704 total ~July 16th: 10,191 daily, 149,895 total Kasilof River Reds: ~July 15th: 4,275 daily, 130,147 total ~July 16th: 4,618 daily, 134,765 total Russian River Late Run Reds: ~July 15th: 338 daily, [...]

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July 13th and 14th Fish Counts

Kenai River Reds: ~July 13th: 8,346 daily, 130,518 total ~July 14th: 6,567 daily, 130,518 total Kenai River Kings: ~ July 13th: 398 daily, 3,983 total Kasilof River Reds: ~July 13th: 3,383 daily, 123,540 total ~July 14th: 2,332 daily, 125,872 total Russian River Reds Early Run: ~ July 13th: 549 daily, 36,707 total Anchor River Kings: [...]

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July 12th Fishing Report

Team Trustworthy had great success on both the river and ocean this week. Kings on the Kenai are good and it is definitely a plug bite this week, so make sure to check out our KF16 Brads Killerfish for $3.99. The second run Kasilof Kings are showing up, and producing. The Kenai sockeye count is [...]

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July 9th & 10th Fish Counts

Kenai River Reds: ~July 9th: 17, 946 daily, 74,952 total ~July 10th: 19,932 daily, 94,885 total Kenai River Kings ~July 9th: 471 daily, 2,323 total ~July 10th: 392 daily, 2,715 total Russian River Reds: ~July 9th: 318 daily, 34,693 total ~July 10th: 370 daily, 35,063 total Kasilof River Reds: ~July 9th: 3,574 daily, 105, 977 [...]

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