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July 1st Fishing Report

There are still Kings to be caught! The Kenai is open to bait for King Salmon and retention of all sizes is permitted below slikok creek, but remember only single hook is allowed. The Russian River Reds are still being caught, and the limit remains six. Soon the second run of Kenai River reds will [...]

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Russian River Reds!

Russian River remains good fishing! Russian River Flies and Kenai Bugs continue to be the favorites. The sanctuary is open, and the limit is six fish per person for the Russian River Fishery. Reminder the lower Kenai is still three fish per day. Good luck Fishing!

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Soil Science

Soil Science fertilizer is "plant food for the Holistic Gardener." It is an all natural fertilizers that replaces the humic acids in the soil. It is also doesn't use any animal waste or pesticides, so it is perfect for the conscientious planter. Stop in the store and grab a bag to kick start your garden.

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