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Catch & Release Derby Rules

All participants MUST complete the following BEFORE going fishing:

  • SIGN UP at Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware & Fishing, derby book is at the front counter.
  • Pick up a Trustworthy C&R Trough, or if you make your own bring it in to be verified and deemed eligible by Soldotna Trustworthy
    • Rentals
      • $5 deposit, 2 day maximum
    • Purchase
      • $10 for purchase
      • All troughs for purchase and rental are available, inquire at the front counter

*This derby IS separate from our original derby, as the fish are not weighed. All fish eligibility will be determined by ethical release, photo quality, and length.

  1. Measurement is from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail

    **if the fish is too large to safely fit into trough or measurement cannot be done safely (in instances of quick release), just take a nice picture of you and the fish, size will be approximated by TW 

  2. All fish must be caught by rod and reel, tip-up, or hand line.

  3. All fish entered must be caught from a Kenai Peninsula FROZEN, FRESHWATER LAKE.

  4. All fish entered must be caught through a drilled or chopped hole in solid ice.  No open water fish will be accepted.
  5. All fishermen must follow all current Fish & Game regulations, and make sure you have a signed 2022 Fishing License that you can purchase at Trustworthy or online.

**Soldotna Trustworthy reserves the right to disqualify a fish on questionable and harmful release tactics**

To enter your fish in the derby, send us a photo with your fish next to the Trustworthy measuring stick to  twfishderby@gmail.comPlease put angler’s name, age (Kid’s and Minnows), fish species, and lake where caught. To be considered eligible, make sure the measurement is clearly visible. Feel free to send a picture of the angler with your fish as well, for us to post on the leaderboard!

*Please use your best judgement for the safety of the fish. Please do not place fish on snow or ice to measure, and if a fish is too big for a trough then Trustworthy can estimate length of fish without measurement. If it’s a cold day, its best to snap a quick pic and release back into the water. Angler’s will not be penalized for doing what is best for the fish. Please try to not let the fish get covered in snow, keep from excessive bleeding, and limit the fish’s time out of water. The goal of this derby is to promote ethical, and successful fish releases, and help maintain healthy fish populations in our lakes for everyone to enjoy!